Prophecies of Hermes on Egypt (Hermes equates to Thoth, The Scribe Of The Gods)


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Late Lament

Egypt is an image of the Heavens,
And the whole Cosmos dwells here,
In this, Its sanctuary -
But the gods will desert the Earth
And return to heaven,
Abandoning this land
That was once the Home of Spirituality ...

Egypt will be forsaken and desolate,
Bereft of the presence of the gods.
It will be overrun by foreigners,
Who will neglect our Sacred Ways.
This Holy Land of Temples and Shrines
Will be filled with corpses and funerals...

The sacred Nile will be swollen with blood,
And her waters will rise,
Utterly fouled with gore ......

Does this make you weep ... ?

There is Worse to Follow ...

This land,
That was a spiritual teacher
to all Humankind,
Which loved the gods with such devotion
That they deigned to sojourn
Here on Earth ...

... This land will exceed all others in cruelty.

The dead will far outnumber the living,
And the survivors
Will be known as Egyptians
By their language alone,
For in their actions
They will be like men of another race.

Oh Egypt!
Nothing will remain of your religion
But an empty Tale,
Which even your own children
Will not believe ....

Nothing will be left
To tell of your wisdom
But old graven stones.

Men will be weary of life,
And will cease seeing the Universe
As worthy of reverent wonder.

Spirituality, the greatest of all blessings,
Will be threatened with extinction,
And believed a burden to be scorned.

The world will no longer be loved
As an incomparable work of A-tum ....
....A glorious monument
To Primal Goodness;
An instrument of Divine Will
To evoke veneration
And praise in the beholder.

Egypt will be widowed.
Every sacred voice will be silenced.
Darkness will be preferred to light.
No eyes will raise to heaven.

The pure will be thought insane .....
...... and the impure will be honoured as wise.
The madman will be believed brave .....
..... and the wicked esteemed as good.

Knowledge of the Immortal Soul
Will be laughed at and denied.

No reverent words Worthy of Heaven
will be heard or believed.......

So ... I, Thrice-Great Hermes,
The first to attain All-Knowledge,
Have inscribed the secrets of the gods,
In sacred symbols and holy hieroglyphs,
On these stone tablets,
Which I have concealed
For a future world
That may seek our Sacred Wisdom.

Through all-seeing Mind,
I myself have been the witness
of the invisible things of Heaven,
and through contemplation
come to Knowledge of the Truth.
This knowing I have set down in these
Writings. . .


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